Our Cinema Services


Theatre Booking, Event Management And Localized Marketing:

We provide targeted and localized 'social media marketing' campaigns to build an excited audience within most of the top 25 demographic cities within the U.S.  As the projected audience grows we are able tto utilize pre-sales ticket programs to make your theatrical release profitable before your first showing.


We also work with independet theatres to negotiate the best possible 'four wall' contracts at nominal prices to film makers.

WEbsite and eCommerce Consulting

Our personnel can help you build your website and help you pick the most cost effective website and video hosting plans.  We will also work with you to find and integrate inexpensive eCommerce solutions providing both physical media and VOD/Streaming sales functionality.


We will code your website for SEO/SMO/SEM.  And we will create link hubs through all relevant micro-sites (social media properties) to drive traffic directly to your 'landing page' for sales conversion. 

Trailer and Marketing Content Optimization and Distribution

We provide comprehensive digital content analysis and optimize your content, titling and descriptions to ensure maximum exposure.  We then distribute your trailers, synopsis, articles and other advertising content across multiple social media sites.


This is done with a specific focus on 'social media optimization and search engine optimization so that your content becomes visible everywhere from google to facebook to youtube.


Ask about our free WEbsite templates and services

Free movie website templates, free web hosting, percantage based fee Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing campaing management