Equipment Rentals

Cinesense Media provides weekly and monthly event rentals for independent filmmakers in all major U.S. cities.  Rentals must be scheduled at least one week prior to event date.  We also provide technicians for installation and playback support in most of the top 25 demographic cities in the U.S. Film Market.  Please feel free to contact at us at (888) 348-6350 for your event needs.


Barco R9014000 DLP Projector

The Barco R9014000 is a DLP projector that offers active 3D with wireless control options.


This outstanding projector has 12,000 lumens and 1,700:1 contrast ratio ideal for large venues. You deserve the best home theater experience possible, one that only the Barco R9014000 can provide.

In addition to our digital rentals, our service team can plan, and book your in-theatre or venue event.  Give us a call at (855)-295-5796 for more information and pricing.  You can also purchase low cost, consumer grade mobile DLP projectors & equipment directly on our Facebook Page . on

NEC NC1600C-A Digital Cinema Projector

Projector Specs:


NEC NC1600C-A Digital Cinema Projector, Lens: 1.90-3.25 NEC1600C NEC-60LS19Z-71.1mm with USL DAX-RAX, Digital Base Assy Blue, Top Kit NEC NC1600C Base with 4/ Doors and D to A Converter


The Barco E2 is a versatile system whose 4K input & output provides impressive pixel processing power. With 28 inputs / 14 outputs (8 PGM, 2 multi-viewer,  4 scaled aux outputs), the system delivers full show control in a single box.