CineSense Media, formerly Vidgo Viral has successfully promoted online digital content for independent film makers, studios, musicians and music labels since 2008.  Our staff has worked closely with a broad range of clients from independent musicians and film makers such as Jake Kennedy to world class content providers and distributors such as DisneyWarner Music Group and Village Roadshow.

Due to our success managing online and localized marketing campaigns  to build 'audiences for content providers, we began expanding our reach in 2011 to include online and physical content distribution  as well.  We do have an infrastructure in place to help film makers distribute content on their own sites, media partner sites and social media.


Whether your goal is establish online sales and a loyal audience or to find a physical media distribution partner, we have you covered  We have found that many of the hurdles facing indie film makers can now be easily removed by leveraging the power of an online following.  


Just a few years ago a DIY film maker had little hope of high end digital distribution via netflix or itunes.  But now simply proving the existence of an 'in place' online audience opens those doors.  This leverage then leads to Vudu.com which can lead to '$0 placement fee' distribution at Wal-Mart.  And it all starts with the one thing traditional distributors seldom, if ever provide.... Customized Viral Marketing.


If you are an independent film maker and are interested in hearing more about marketing and online distribution services call us at (888) 348-6350